Acting in favor of the local economy

Economie locale

Ensuring that actions taken to finance the economy contribute to the fight against all types of exclusion

Economic solidarity is expressed at a local level

The Caisses d’Epargne and Banque Populaire banks owe their very existence to the aspiration to meet needs that were inadequately satisfied by the dominant financial system. This is how, over the years, they have used their cooperative business model to enhance their dynamism and reinforce their legitimacy. Promoting economic and social development at a local level is consequently one of the founding principles underlying the creation of the banks comprising Groupe BPCE.

No.1 in solidarity-based savings

Groupe BPCE is the No.1 collector of solidarity-based savings through Crédit Coopératif, the Banque Populaire banks, the Caisses d’Epargne and Natixis Interépargne. The Group boasts a market share of 45%, representing €2.7bn in solidarity-based savings deposits.

It is also No.1 for solidarity-based investment and shared savings (all or part of the interest is donated to an organization devoted to social solidarity) with 55% of aggregate outstandings, equal to €1.95bn. The Group also collects more than 56% of solidarity-based investments for employee savings schemes in France. Natixis Asset Management is the leading manager of solidarity-based employee share-ownership funds.


A major player in SRI

The Group’s assets under management in the area of solidarity-based savings andsocially responsible investments (ISR) reached a total of €16.62bn at the end of 2014, equal to 19% growth compared with the end of 2013. NATIXIS Asset Management is the front-ranking player in this area through investments that take systematic account of environmental, industrial relations and corporate governance criteria in addition to more traditional financial considerations. Investments in this area total €12.8bn of assets under management, including €4.6bn for Mirova, a subsidiary entirely devoted to responsible investment. This entity offers concrete solutions that create value over the long term for institutional or private investors looking for value creation while simultaneously wanting to invest in a responsible manner.

Palatine Asset Management, for its part, manages nine SRI funds.


No.1 for microcredit solutions

The Group is also France’s leading provider of microcredit, lending a total of €103.6m in 2014 versus €90m in 2013, equal to 13% growth in the overall funding volume compared with 5% growth in 2013. The number of beneficiaries follows a similar upward trend: 15,228 individual loans versus 12,820, representing an annual increase of 16% compared with 2.8% in 2013.

Borrowers can benefit from the support measures provided by the Parcours Confiance program that includes an assessment of the customer’s situation, a specially adapted range of banking services, and training on budget management provided by Finances & Pédagogie, an association specializing in the prevention of over-indebtedness.

Groupe BPCE is also the principal partner of Adie, the largest association in France for providing financing and support to jobseekers and people on minimum welfare payments wanting to set up their own companies.

Groupe BPCE is also a partner of the different support networks.


The leading private bank in the social housing sector

The Caisse d’Epargne is the No.1 private banking institution in the social housing sector. It is itself a social housing operator, via its Habitat en Région network, and is a partner actively involved in the governance of one out of every three social housing bodies in France: public housing offices (OPH), social housing enterprises (ESH), cooperatives, associations, etc.