Human Resources policy

bandeau politique RH

The professional development of its employees at the heart of the Group’s strategy

Our commitments towards our employees

Developing our employees’ skills is central to the strategy pursued by Groupe BPCE. Because banking is a service-based industry, the performance and strength of the Group ultimately depend on the intrinsic quality of its 105,000 employees.

It is the responsibility of Groupe BPCE, the 2nd-largest banking institution in France, to adopt an ambitious labor-relations model to ensure its own development and to maintain the active commitment of its employees at the highest possible level. This twin economic and social ambition finds expression in the priorities assigned to the Group’s Human Relations policy.

Anticipating changes in jobs and skills

The group-wide agreement on employment and skills planning (GPEC) signed at the end of 2017 gives concrete expression to Groupe BPCE’s determination to anticipate changes in professional activities and to give each employee the tools they need to plan and manage their professional growth.

Systems developed for the customized management of human resources and the development of employees’ skills include substantial investment in training courses and an active policy to facilitate professional mobility. These solutions are designed to enhance employees’ employability throughout their professional lives. Since the end of 2015, 32 of the Group's companies have obtained Gender Equality in the Workplace certification, awarded by the AFNOR standardization association for a period of 3 years.

Promoting diversity and equal opportunity

The future of the Group depends upon its ability to attract, and to win the loyalty of, talented individuals. Above and beyond the diverse career opportunities afforded by its banks and subsidiaries, Groupe BPCE, faithful to the cooperative values that presided over its creation, is actively involved in the different areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR) through a Human Resources policy promoting respect for diversity. The promotion of gender equality is one of the priorities of this policy in which clear objectives have been defined regarding recruitment, training and professional advancement. This ambition also includes actions taken in favor of the disabled or people excluded from the world of work. Lastly, consideration of the human dimension is expressed through the focus placed on promoting social cohesion and preserving the quality of life in the workplace.Groupe BPCE is in line with its targets for 2014 regarding the creation of a gender-balanced workforce. This positive trend is confirmed by the results of the Financi’Elles barometer survey on the confidence of female executives in the banking industry.

Preparing the managers of the future

Promoting the professional mobility and versatility of senior managers, identifying and supporting potential high-flyers wanting to assume positions of greater responsibility, preparing the new, upcoming generation by identifying talented men and women, and developing their understanding of the Group’s core business activities, etc. are some of the key goals of the Human Resources department. To achieve them, training courses and specific modules have been designed for employees in the early stages of their careers as well as for experienced and senior managers.